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All these Information are taken from the family Registry which was sent from Michael son of Joseph in Mexico to his wife Martha and son Malek in Tarshiha/Palestine, over the Archbishof SAIEGH from Lebanon. This Registry was kept by Akel son of Malik till 1983. This book were then taken from Sami son of Joseph son of Michael to Lebanon and was never givin back. This book suppose still to be by the Migesels in Lebanon. Sami passed allready away.


In 1831 came Joseph xxxxxx (the family name  is  unknown) from Elsas Area in France (Bprder to Germany) with a ship to Lebanon during the 15 years civil war between Moslems and Christians. After the war he stayed in Lebanon and fall in love with Mariam Turky from Nufakhia village. They married and stayed there and got three sons and a daughter, Simaan (Simon), Abdullah, Michael and Mariuma.(see down Original in arabic)

Simaan stayed in Lebanon and got five sons and a daughter: Khalil, Nikola, Johny, Joseph, Peter and Loret.

Abdullah emigrated tu the USA in1901 and broke contact !!!! (Spelling way is Mogayzel and Mokisel). Today are living in the USA something about 100 Mogayzels.

Michael emigrated to Palestine in 1860 (Spelling way is Megezel and Meghaizel) to Mi´elia village then to Tarshiha in Galilia in. He used to work as a teacher for writing. In Tarshiha were born his sons Joseph, Joab, Akel and Malik. Michael and sons Joseph and Joab emmigrated to Mexico in 1900 and died later on there.

From The Migesels of Palastine were tow family-parts arose. To Germany emmegrated 1987 Marwan son of Jeries and to Australia emmigrated Henry son of Camil in 1987 and his brother Johny. All other Migesels (100 persons) still live in Palestine in Haifa city.

The Name

Version 1: Joseph our great grand father used to work as a weaver. The small weave machine in Arabic translated is Maghzal and in the lebanon dialect like “Mghaizel”. Mghaizel means also a “thin rope or cord”

Version 2: Joseph used to flirt with his great love Mariam. There for he got the Nick name “the Flirter” or “the lover” in Lebanon Arabic. And it is exactly “Mghaizel”.

In the Latine languages used some of us to write just the letter “g” instead of “gh”. there for are the names Migesel or Mogayzel or Megezel. The name is still untill now pronounced Lebanon like “Mghaizel” and in Palstine “Mghezel”. Some of us used even to change the letter “z” in to “s” like in Germany “MIGESEL”. The letters “ai” or “ay” are spelled the same. see Mogayzel or Moghaizel or Meghaizel.


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