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Michael (See Photo below): -the grand father of Migesel in Palestine- was born in Nufakhia Village in southern Lebanon by Sur (Tyre) and emigrated to Mie`lia then to Tarshiha in Galilia/Palastina in 1860. He worked as a teacher.

In Tarshiha were born his sons Joseph, Joab, Akel and Malik. Michael and sons Joseph and Joab emigrated to Mexico in 1909 and died later on there.

Martha (See Photo below)daughter of Khalil Farhat was married to Elias Bulus from Tebnin village from Lebanon and they got four children as following: Mariam, Michael (died later on as a single in America), Zaman & Ebrahim. Elias Bulus died later on and then his son Ebrahim. Then married Martha to Michael Migesel und they got four children as following: Joseph, Joab, Akel & Malik.

Martha died in Tarshiha on 21th. Feb. 1934 and was buried in the oun ground in the east side under the olive trees.

Joseph married to Zahida and got his son Sami.

Joab emigrated to Mexico with his father and married to Salma Abud and got a daughter Wadia´h and died there.

Akel died in Palestine as a young boy.

Malik stayed in Tarshiha and here is his history (See Photo below):

Malik son of Michael was born in Tarshiha / Palastina on 18th. Aug. 1881 at 11.00 a.m. His mother was Martha daugther of Khalil Joseph Farhat from Tebnin in Lebanon.(See photo below)

Malik was baptised in the church of El-Bassa in Galilia by priest father (abuna) Joseph MIGESEL on 20th. April 1892.

He married with his cousin Hanne (Rafika) Farhat El-Kahwaje- from Tebnin in Lebanon on Sunday the 12th. Aug. 1913 and got 5 sons and 4 daugthers as followig: Jeries(+), Joseph(+) , Abla(+), Alia(+), Saba, Naja, Camil, Akel and Nabil. Alia moved to Lebanon and died there. Abla - Em Jamil- moved to Lebanon too and came later on back to Haifa and died 1997 there.

Malik died as he was 65 years old on monday the 8th. of July 1957 at 5.30 p.m. and was barried on Tuseday the 9th. of July 1957 in the east side of oun ground in Isifia on mount Carmel.

Hanne -Em Jeries- died in Haifa on 8th. Mars 1983 and was baried in the catholic semetry in Haifa.

In Haifa in Palestine are still living the most of descendants of Malik ben Michael MIGESEL. (Marvin Sami/ Marwan son of Jeries lives in Germany. Henry and Johny children if Camil are living in Australia)

All sons and daugthers of Migesel in Palestine till the 3d. generation are married and have children.

For more details see Roots & Tree


Malik & Hanne Migesel.

Abu Jeries & Em Jeries

Michael son of Joseph (Barbu) the Father of our Clan in Palestine

This was written on the back of the above shown Photo of Maliks family. It means as following:      as a momory from Malik to my sir uncle. This is my family”

This is a Photo of the family of Malik son of Michael  MIGESEL from Tarshiha /Galilia. (was sent from Malik to his uncle Abdullah to USA)

besid of Malik (right) are standig his tow sisters, Mariam and Zaman. (from his mother Martha and her x-husbend Elias Bulus)

the Old woman who sits left is his mother Martha. Tthe Woman with baby is his wife Hanne )born Farhat) carriing her daughter Alia.The young boy is his eldest son Jeries alias Abu Malik? (my father, see Jeries)

I am Marwan MIGESEL, Germany! E-mail: clan@migesel.deTelefon: +49 7472 442401! Telefax: +49 7472 442404! Mobile: +49 151 2339 17 39; Facebook: Marvin Migesel,    Skype: marwan.migesel